Peaches and Crime

i doodled some girls and this is the only one i liked so i added some color to it

11 hours ago

mortgeous asked: Cecil vs Carlos >:)))



Carlos!! Wow this is a really old ask

The signature at the bottom is for my art blog

6 days ago

drawing art

posting art

6 days ago

i’m not really sure what a game that’s a mix of these two will be like but i’m looking forward to it

6 days ago

who’s been drawing dicks

1 week ago

request from a friend believe it or not

2 weeks ago

Nature girls 3 & 4

the bottom three are supposed to be all the same girl but they sure dont look like it

2 weeks ago

Nature girls 1 & 2

i downloaded a huge pack of seemingly useless brushes and started messing around with them

2 weeks ago

my computer keeps freezing and i cant imagine why

2 weeks ago