Peaches and Crime

spinachcritic asked: Easy answer. You have Layton mode (which is almost identical to investigation mode) and Court mode. Fun and relaxing puzzles between BRUTAL INTERROGATION AND DRUNKEN WITNESSES

that sounds so exciting ahhh!!

2 weeks ago

Mary- an oc i created just to draw to mohawks

i swear she’s actually pretty friendly and carefree, her face just betrays her. still undecided on her tattoos

this whole thing was actually drawn flipped and i cant figure out how to keep it in the right direction

3 weeks ago

i doodled some girls and this is the only one i liked so i added some color to it

3 weeks ago

mortgeous asked: Cecil vs Carlos >:)))



Carlos!! Wow this is a really old ask

The signature at the bottom is for my art blog

1 month ago

drawing art

posting art

1 month ago

i’m not really sure what a game that’s a mix of these two will be like but i’m looking forward to it

1 month ago

who’s been drawing dicks

1 month ago

request from a friend believe it or not

1 month ago

Nature girls 3 & 4

the bottom three are supposed to be all the same girl but they sure dont look like it

1 month ago

Nature girls 1 & 2

i downloaded a huge pack of seemingly useless brushes and started messing around with them

1 month ago